...We Like Tequila Too.

And after a few rounds of golf accompanied by many more rounds of spiked seltzers, our founders realized
they couldn’t enjoy a game of golf or other social activities with their go-to drink, tequila. While it’s an ever
popular cocktail choice, it isn’t exactly known for its all day drinking characteristics, nor is a bottle the most
cart or cooler friendly. But what tequila is known for is being the “healthier” option. This got our founders
thinking. We like tequila, we like seltzers, we like to be healthy… It was then the idea for Viva was born. 

Carefully crafted to be amigos with everyone (21+), Viva Tequila Seltzer is life’s perfect companion.
From celebrating a group run, to concerts, tailgates, beach days, pool parties, we think you get the hint,
Viva inspires great friends enjoying fine times. Live Long, Live Well, and Live it Up. 

Cheers amigos.